Gastric Band Diet – 4 steps to success

The gastric band is the most popular surgical weight loss option by far, offering an adjustable tool to control patients’ appetite and food intake.   

The keyhole procedure nowadays takes around half an hour and success rates are excellent.  Leading provider, The Hospital Group, boasts that 99% of its patients lose weight with the gastric band.  

 However, having the gastric band fitted is only the start of the journey and prospective patients should that while the band makes them feel fuller faster and for longer, they do need to work with the band in reducing portion sizes so that they lose weight.

 The gastric band diet works in 4 distinct stages:  

  • Pre-operative low calorie diet – reducing fat around the liver to make surgery easier for the Surgeon and safer for the patient
  • Post-operative 0-2 week liquid diet – to ensure that the body heals well and that the band is not disturbed
  • Post-operative 2-4 week soft diet- choosing healty foods and building up to a normal diet
  • Post-operative 4+ week normal diet – based around reduced portions and healthy food choices

The gastric band is adjusted regularly to ensure sensible weight loss.  Over-restriction can be dangerous so it is important to make the adjustments gradually over time.  However, under-restriction means that the patient will want to eat more and therefore lose less weight.  Experts advise that it usually takes about 6 months to build up to the full restriction.

As gastric band patients are eating less, sensible healthy eating becomes all the more important and following some simple rules will ensure that you get great results from your gastric band weight loss.

Gastric Band Diet tips:

The Hospital Group’s dietitians suggest the following tips for gastric band patients after the 4 week stage:

  • Small portions:  Try using a smaller plate to control the amount of food you eat
  • Band fills: Increased appetite is a sign that you may be ready for a band fill
  • Do not drink with food: Drink 15 minutes before a meal and leave at least one hour before your next drink so that food is digested, not washed through
  • Eat slowly & chew well – aim to chew 20 times per mouthful
  • Choose a balanced plate: one quarter of your plate should be protein, one quarter carbohydrate and half the plate vegetables

A spokesperson for The Hospital Group said: “Working with the band is essential to getting the best possible weight loss results.  Our patients receive 2 years aftercare, which includes one-to-one support from specialist dietitians as well as the cost of all band fills and aspirations.  That’s the reason that 99% of our patients lose weight with the gastric band, a statistic that we’re very proud of”.

For those interested in weight loss, The Hospital Group offers the gastric band, bypass, sleeve and balloon.  Private appointments are available with expert bariatric surgeons in clinics around the country.


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Gastric Band Diet – 4 steps to success
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