Free Oral-B electric toothbrush with Tesco Dental Insurance

Tesco is offering customers a free Oral-B ProfessionalCare 5000XL electric toothbrush when they take out Tesco Dental Insurance underwritten by AXA PPP healthcare.

Tesco Dental Insurance offers two levels of cover; Core and Premium. Both cover the cost of planned and unplanned dental treatment, with prices starting from £8.95 a month.

Jeremy Sutton, Head of Tesco Dental Insurance says, “Proper toothbrush care is fundamental to dental hygiene. By offering our customers an Oral-B toothbrush we are actively encouraging them to consider toothbrush care and thereby protect their teeth.”

Tesco Dental Insurance tips on how to look after your toothbrush

  • Replace your toothbrush every three months, or head on a rechargeable brush once bristles indicate they need changing.
  • Do not share your toothbrush. This increases risk of infection. Although with electric you can change heads.
  • After use, rinse your toothbrush thoroughly with tap water, allow it to air-dry and store it in an upright position.
  • Do not store your toothbrush within six feet of your toilet.
  • It is advisable to store multiple brushes in separate containers to avoid cross-contamination.
  • Do not store toothbrushes in closed containers. A humid environment aides bacterial growth.


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Free Oral-B electric toothbrush with Tesco Dental Insurance
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