Free iPhone app simulates breast augmentation

A new iPhone app has been launched which lets patients considering a breast augmentation procedure see how they would look with bigger breasts.

Since its launch on Apple’s App Store, it has already received over 7,000 ratings.

iAugment is a free app developed by US plastic surgeon Elizabeth Kinsley.  She developed the app for women who want to see how they would look after a breast enlargement.

Firstly, patients take a photo of their torso/breast – ideally in bra or bikini top.  Then using the cursor select the breast area before choosing from a selection of implant sizes to see the effect that a breast augmentation would give.

Dr. Kinsley said: “Breast augmentation can be a complicated procedure with women asking questions like “what will they look like?” or “what size is right for me”.  This is designed to give them the best idea possible of how they might look after surgery.”

The Hospital Group, leading providers of cosmetic surgery in the UK, commented: “With any cosmetic surgery procedure, having a clear and realistic understanding of the final outcome is really important to help patients make an informed decision.  This new app is a useful first step for those that may be considering a breast enlargement to give them an idea of how they could look and how large they would like to go in terms of cup size. 

However, it is no substitute for a full consultation with a Cosmetic Surgeon.  Patients should expect a medical history to be taken and a full physical examination before receiving breast augmentation advice based on their own very individual anatomy. 

At The Hospital Group, we also use the Biodynamics system, which is a computer-assisted consultation system.  With Biodynamics, the Surgeon takes precise measurements and discuss your detailed requirements in terms of cleavage, shape, size and feel before using the sophisticated software as well as their own extensive experience in order to recommend the best implant. 

The Biodynamics® Breast Analysis System also includes a breast implant visualisation system involving external ‘simulated breast prosthesis’.  These are a bit like “chicken fillets”, but very much more sophisticated, so that you can not only see yourself with larger breasts but also feel the difference breast augmentation will make to your body shape.  It’s an opportunity to fine-tune the selection of implants.  It’s an incredibly sophisticated process and a very precise way of visualising your breast augmentation and ensuring the best possible implant to meet your personal requirements and expectations.”

The Hospital Group offers FREE private consultations with expert Aesthetic Cosmetic Surgeons in clinics around the UK.  Their Surgeons perform literally thousands of breast augmentation procedures each year.

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Free iPhone app simulates breast augmentation
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