Free gift for a greener workforce

Westfield Health is contributing to a better environment by giving staff a free canvas bag in a bid to encourage a greener workforce.

All employees received a complimentary Westfield branded bag with their payslip.

This new environmental initiative hopes to reduce plastic bag usage both in and out of working hours.

Additionally, Westfield is raising awareness among staff about other environmental areas including measuring emissions.

Graham Moore, Chairman of Westfield Health, says: "We can all contribute to a better environment. We are giving our employees a canvas bag each to encourage them to make a small change to their lifestyle. Even the smallest efforts will really make a difference and we are big supporters of green practices in the workplace. We are involved in many events in the city to support these practices."

Westfield Health operates environmentally friendly practices and is certified as complying to the ISO14001 environmental standard.


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Free gift for a greener workforce
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