Four in 10 women gain weight when they diet

When most people go on a diet they expect to come out of it a few pounds lighter but new research has revealed that four out of ten women who diet actually end up heavier than when they started watching their waistline.

The study, carried out on over 2,000 women aged between 18 and 65, revealed that the average female dieter put on 5.2lbs after they reached their target weight with little to no will power cited as the reason for the substantial weight gain.

Partners who cook or buy food high in fat and sugar were also to blame for their spouse gaining weight as well as people at the office who tempt them with highly fattening but highly tasty treats such as cake and biscuits.

The research also showed that the pounds started to pile back on just 21 days after most women had reached their ideal weight.

With 61.4 per cent of adults classed as obese or overweight in the UK it’s not surprising that so many women are feeling the pressure to shed a few pounds.

In fact all of the women who took part in the study admitted to dieting regularly with six out of 10 women currently on a diet and one in five said that they were on a continuous diet.

Those who are worried about their weight and appearance should come for a consultation with leading weight loss surgery providers, The Hospital Group.

David Ross, Chief Executive of The Hospital Group said: “People can often become too focused on dieting, putting immense pressure on themselves to lose weight and keep that weight off.  What many people don’t realise is that their relationship with food isn’t just about a craving for something like chocolate and not having the will power to say no, it is also about their state of mind.  Many people put so much focus on losing weight and the notion that they can’t indulge in that piece of cake that they often over indulge in highly fatty foods when they come off their diet and this is an unhealthy lifestyle pattern to get into.  Those who want to lose weight and adopt a healthier lifestyle should consider a bariatric procedure, which can lead to dramatic weight loss and improve health.  The Hospital Group, is committed to providing the very highest standards and all procedures are performed by an expert medical team in state-of-the-art facilities that are second to none.”

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Four in 10 women gain weight when they diet
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