First non-surgical breast reduction technique arrives in the UK

  • First effective breast reduction technique that does not require general anaesethetic
  • No stitches, no scarring
  • Ultra fast recovery time
  • New procedure can reduce breast size by up to half
  • Just arrived in the UK from the States, available exclusively at The Private Clinic of Harley Street

The first non-surgical breast reduction is now available in the UK, following development in the States.

 The revolutionary treatment, called Microlipo, which is already used as a fat removal treatment for other parts of the body, has now been adapted for breast reduction giving patients a non-surgical solution for the first time.

 The Private Clinic of Harley Street has invested in state-of-the-art equipment and training for staff at the development centre in the States in order to bring the method to the UK.

 Last year 4122* women had a breast reduction operation to help alleviate symptoms such as severe backache, bad posture and sore breasts.

 Previously the only effective option involved surgery under general aneasthetic, which can be a daunting prospect, and also requires a lengthy recovery time and can leave obvious scarring.

The Microlipo breast reduction technique is carried out under local anaesthetic, meaning that patients are awake for the whole procedure. The treatment involves making tiny punctures in the skin – less than 1mm wide – and then gently suctioning out excess fat cells through a tiny cannula.

 Because the instruments are so delicate and the fat removal is concentrated in the deeper part of the breast, the surgeon can easily avoid any other breast tissue and glands during treatment, leaving these perfectly intact.

Breast size can be reduced by up to half, meaning a patient who is an F or G cup, can get down to a C or D cup. As fat is removed evenly from around the breast, the natural elasticity in the skin will mean that the skin shrinks back round the new shape of the breast.

The tiny size of the entry puncture marks also eliminates the need for stitches and leads to no scarring. With the traditional breast reduction surgery patients are left with prominent scars underneath the breast and around the nipple.

 Dr Puneet Gupta, the aesthetic physician at The Private Clinic of Harley Street, who is the only doctor to offer the Microlipo breast reduction technique in the UK after being trained in the method by the developer of the procedure in California, says; “This treatment will give the thousands of women who consider breast reduction surgery each year an effective, non-surgical choice that doesn’t involve them going under general anaesthetic.

 “The amount of fat I can take from each patient varies from person to person, but I can reduce the breast size by up to half in most cases without causing any disfigurement to the shape or the placement of the breast. Once treatment is complete plasters are used to cover the entry points to keep them clean and avoid infection, but there is no scarring. To begin with the entry points look like little insect bites, but in four to six weeks any visible signs will have completely disappeared.”

Dr Gupta continues; “Patients are able to leave the clinic straight away following treatment and after a couple of days taking it easy can get back to their normal routine. As anyone who has had the traditional breast reduction treatment will tell you, this is a vastly improved experience to surgery.

“This treatment is truly revolutionary. It has the potential to change the way the majority of women have breast reduction treatment, making it a far less daunting and risky process.”

The Microlipo breast reduction technique is available exclusively at The Private Clinic of Harley Street.

For more information or to speak to Dr Gupta, please contact Katie Matthews at PHA Media on 0207 025 1355 or


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First non-surgical breast reduction technique arrives in the UK
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