Financial Ombudsman to name and shame offenders

A major new health report reveals that the recession is leading to people being less likely to take time off sick.

42% of British workers are less likely to take time off during the economic slowdown.

HSA's Healthy Working Report says that 21% feel they will be less inclined to act on lingering or background health issues in tougher economic times. Despite their attempts to stay healthy, only 3% of people are likely to spend more money on their healthcare.

One third of workers (34%) are currently worrying about a health issue but have done nothing about it. Female workers are least likely to act on health concerns (35%) than their male counterparts (31%). Researchers found one person who ignored losing vision in one eye and didn't visit the optician through fear of what work might think. The blindness was caused by a brain tumour and resulted in permanent blindness.

69% have avoided visiting the doctor for varying reasons; 31% were too busy at work, this was the most prevalent reason amongst Londoners. A further 20% were afraid of the outcome, 20% were too embarrassed to visit the doctor, while 5% didn't like their doctor.

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Financial Ombudsman to name and shame offenders
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