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TreatmentsYou Can Trust announces seven challenges for 2012


A Parliamentary Reception was held at the House of Lords on 24th January, hosted by Baroness Ritchie of Brompton, Chair of the Treatments You Can Trust Governance Group. Anne Milton, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Health, attended the reception and announced her continued support for the Treatments You Can Trust scheme.


1. Reduction in the number of dermal fillers available in the UK

With over 160 dermal fillers with the CE marking available on the UK market (compared to just eight in the USA which meet rigorous FDA regulations), www.TreatmentsYouCanTrust.org.uk continues to advocate a review of the CE marking of dermal fillers, and a reduction in their number to only those safest for use.

2. Restricting foreign supplies of uncertified dermal fillers in the UK

The www.TreatmentsYouCanTrust.org.uk Governance Board will continue to work with the MHRA and the UK Borders’ Agency to review existing controls that still allow uncertified dermal fillers to enter the UK.

3. To clamp down on issues surrounding remote prescribing

www.TreatmentsYouCanTrust.org.uk has previously held successful meetings with the NMC and the GDC to tackle the issue of remote prescribing to unqualified providers of cosmetic injectable treatments amongst their registrants.

4. Local authority support

Anne Milton has previously supported the intention for the www.TreatmentsYouCanTrust.org.uk Governance Board to work closer with Local Authorities to tackle the localised issue of unregulated practitioners administering cosmetic injectable treatments. Local Authorities have a considerable reach and ability to influence and inform residents to use the register when seeking a provider in their area.

5. Spot inspections for registered providers

To ensure that the standards set by  www.TreatmentsYouCanTrust.org.uk are met, on-site visits to registered providers will continue to be conducted at 24 hours’ notice by the Registrar, CHKS. The 2011 visits were encouraging and revealed that the Standards are being upheld by providers on the register. The 2012 programme of visits will be commencing shortly, and we will be providing an update on the findings.

6. To track the use of dermal fillers amongst appropriately qualified providers

The www.TreatmentsYouCanTrust.org.uk Governance Board is reviewing their support for the UK Botulism Toxin Group with the development of a Register to identify the types and breadth of dermal fillers currently in use. This will help identify where unregulated providers are acquiring injectables, and allow remedies to be applied.

7. To launch a consumer awareness campaign: patient pester power

www.TreatmentsYouCanTrust.org.uk will shortly be launching a ‘patient pester power’ campaign, which will incite patients to put pressure on their local providers of cosmetic injectables treatments to join the register in conjunction with support from their local MP. As members of www.TreatmentsYouCanTrust.org.uk have voluntarily signaled their commitment to administering injectables to high standards, so patients can logically ask why an unregistered provider has not, and question if they are safe. 

Private treatment news: 5 February 2012

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