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Lloyd’s cover smoothes cost of fertility treatment


For many couples wanting to start a family, the dream of having a child is not so easily realised. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, infertility affects about 7.3 million women and their partners in the US, about 12% of the reproductive-age population. And in the UK infertility is a problem for between one in six and one in seven couples. Treatments for infertility have been improving steadily since the first babies were born using “in vitro fertilisation” (IVF) in the 1970s, and are now much more common place.


Unfortunately, fertility treatments like IVF are relatively expensive and can be very demanding on those that undergo treatment. So, Lloyd’s backed insurance provider New Life Agency has launched the first ever IVF insurance programme to help patients save thousands of dollars on fertility treatments and medications, and take some of the stress out of treatment.


New Life has teamed up with fertility treatment centre The Diamond Institute and Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy to offer its Assisted Reproduction Care Insurance Program(SM), which makes the costs of IVF more predictable and gives protection against unforeseen complications.


If pregnancy is not achieved, the programme offers refunds and credits during the 18-month enrolment term. The programme picks up the cost of treatments, testing, surgeries and services associated with fertility treatment, while insurance from Lloyd’s covers the cost of any complications. Fertility treatments like IVF can be physically and financially demanding. With no guarantee of success, patients may have to undergo years of expensive successive treatment cycles.


Although targeted at US customers, cover is available to people outside the USA. UK customers should be aware that buying insurance outside the UK means that have none of the consumer protections that apply to UK insurance transactions.


Private medical insurance: News update: 25 February 2010


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