Fatty foods link to ovarian cancer

Women could reduce their risk of contracting ovarian cancer by modifying their diet to ensure it is low in fat, it has been found.

Results from the Women's Health Initiative (WHI) Dietary Modification Trial, which appears in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, show that women who decreased the amount of dietary fat they consumed over a four year period were 40 per cent less likely to develop ovarian cancer than those whose diets remained unchanged.

In all, 48,835 healthy, postmenopausal women were assessed as part of the trial for an average duration of 8.1 years.

While 20,000 women were asked to reduce their fat intake to 20 per cent of calories and to replace fat calories with calories derived from vegetables, fruits and grains, nearly 30,000 women were used as a control group.

It was discovered that women who had the highest fat intake at the start of the programme and had reduced their fat intake by the most by the end had the greatest success in lowering their risk of ovarian cancer.

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Fatty foods link to ovarian cancer
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