Facelift 'slims women's hips'

A new type of cosmetic surgery is due to be launched in the UK which uses cells taken from a patient's hips to rejuvenate their face.

Surgeons remove fat from the hip area using liposuction and remove the stem cells, which are capable of turning into other types of cell.

These stem cells are then injected into the face, rejuvenating the skin and filling out facial wrinkles to create a more youthful complexion.

According to French cosmetic surgeon Roger Amar, the procedure, which is called Fat Auto-Graft Muscle Injection or 'Fami', allows women to "age harmoniously".

He told the Sun: "This solves the dilemma of women having to choose between their face and figure.

"Patients with a gaunt and drawn face who are looking for rejuvenation without invasive surgery can benefit from Fami," he added.

The operation can be carried out under a local anaesthetic and patients do not even need to remain in hospital overnight, providing a more convenient option than the more invasive, traditional facelifts.

Stem cells have also been proposed as a method of breast enhancement, offering a way to enlarge the breasts using a patient's own cells.

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Facelift 'slims women's hips'
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