Eyelash transplants

Women are constantly trying to improve their appearance and delay the inevitable signs of aging.

One of the latest procedures to be adopted by cosmetic surgery clinics is eyelash transplant surgery, which can give women the type of eyelashes usually only achieved by using false attachments.

Unlike the over-the-counter attachable kind however, these eyelash transplants are long-lasting and actually continue to grow – just like real head hair.

Dr Alan Bauman, a leader in the field of eyelash transplants, told Reuters: "Longer, thicker lashes are an ubiquitous sign of beauty. Eyelash transplantation does for the eyes what breast augmentation does for the figure."

The expert, who spoke to the news agency during a live eyelash surgery workshop attended by some 40 surgeons, said that the procedure was likely to "explode".

Between 30 and 40 hair follicles are removed from the back of the scalp and carefully sewn onto the patient's eyelids.

The procedure is a relatively minor affair, requiring only light sedation and a local anaesthetic.

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Eyelash transplants
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