Eye surgery technique could improve recovery times

A new eye surgery technique could help to reduce recovery times for patients receiving a corneal transplant, it has been claimed.

Mohammed Muhtaseb, an eye surgeon based in Swansea, told the BBC that the new corneal graft technique allows him to make fewer eye incisions through which unhealthy sections can be removed and the donor cornea inserted.

The consultant ophthalmologist explained that this means fewer stitches are required after the operation, reducing the chances that the person's vision is negatively affected.

"Also the healing time will be reduced because there are fewer stitches in the eye and less corneal tissue has been replaced - this also reduces complications after the operation," he told the BBC.

Mr Muhtaseb also revealed that modern techniques enable him to replace just part of the cornea, leaving the healthy tissue intact.

NHS figures show that 2,403 people had their sight restored thanks to a cornea transplant in 2006/07, and more than 44,000 such operations have been performed since the Corneal Transplant Service began in 1983.


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Eye surgery technique could improve recovery times
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