Exercise needed for weight loss, nutritionist advises

A nutritionist has advised people who are struggling to lose weight to consider exercise before diet pills.

Dr Laura Wyness, senior nutrition scientist at the British Nutrition Foundation, said that a gym membership would be "much more beneficial to your body as it is getting exercise", which, she notes, is "crucial to a healthy lifestyle".

Her comments follow a study at the University of Liverpool which concluded that anti-obesity drugs were not the best long-term solution for weight management.

Lead author Dr Jason Halford said that obese people often have complicated psychological issues with food and that these need to be tackled first in order to reduce their weight.

Dr Laura Wyness agreed, noting: "While diet pills can create a dramatic weight loss in the short-term, and while a person is taking the pills, as soon as they stop taking them, inevitably they gain the weight again."

Obesity is defined as having a body mass index over 30 while an index of over 25 is classed as being overweight.

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Exercise needed for weight loss, nutritionist advises
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