Exercise can give new lease of life

Older people can gain a new vitality for life by being active and healthy - even to the extent that they inspire younger people to copy them.

This was the claim of Lucy Case, a fitness expert from The Body Fitness Company.

She said: "Older people are realising they needn't wind things down and often get a second lease of life when they realise how capable they are."

Moreover, seeing this group being healthy and exercising should remind those in their 30s and 40s that they should do this too, Ms Case suggested.

She added this early middle age group needs to be reminded that "health at all ages matters", since many of this demographic pay too little attention to the issue.

Older people are continuing to live an increasingly long time, official government figures have shown.

According to the Department of Health, the English life expectancy in 2008-10 was 78.4 for men and 82.4 for women.


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Exercise can give new lease of life
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