'Exciting developments' in laser eye surgery

There are some "exciting developments" taking place in the field of laser eye surgery, it has been claimed.

Tony Veverka, chief executive of Ultralase, the UK's longest established private laser eye surgery clinic, said that intra-ocular lenses are allowing people with "previously untreatable prescriptions to have a surgical alternative to their glasses or contact lenses".

He explained that high prescription glasses can be "unattractive, inconvenient and uncomfortable".

Furthermore, when people's prescriptions are quite high they often have difficulty in wearing contact lenses.

In addition to developments for people with very high prescriptions, there are also a wide range of new laser eye surgery treatments for age-related sight degeneration.

"These treatments are still being developed and include laser, intra-ocular lens and corneal implant procedures," Mr Veverka remarked.

Ultralase has 31 clinics throughout the UK and Ireland, including its newest clinic in Aberdeen, one in Dublin and one on London's Harley Street.


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'Exciting developments' in laser eye surgery
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