Epilepsy treatment could benefit from insight into brain activity

Epilepsy treatment has been boosted by a study which shows that the brain of an individual "sings".

Researchers at Cardiff University's Brain Research Imaging Centre (CUBRIC) have uncovered what amounts to a unique electrical pattern created by the brain when a person makes a visual observation.

The research was led by Professor Krish Singh of Cardiff University's School of Psychology, who commented: "Using sophisticated MEG and MRI brain imaging equipment, we've found that when a person looks at a visual pattern their brain produces an electrical signal, known as a gamma oscillation, at a set frequency."

He added that further analysis of gamma oscillation frequency could provide an insight into the role of neurotransmitters and how they may be involved in the onset of epilepsy and schizophrenia.

Epilepsy is a neurological condition that is brought about my spontaneous electrical activity in the brain.

Cult singer Prince recently revealed that he has suffered from epilepsy since childhood and was often teased at school while his parents struggled to understand his illness

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Epilepsy treatment could benefit from insight into brain activity
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