Epilepsy 'needs a cure'

Epilepsy treatment needs more research, an expert has stated.

Delphine van der Pauw, a research and information executive at Epilepsy Research UK, said some causes of the condition remain undiscovered and the complex association between genetic disposition and environmental factors needs to be investigated.

Most sufferers take anti-epileptic drugs to control their seizures but resources should be devoted to finding a preventative measure, Ms van der Pauw believes.

"Studies have made promising findings about molecules that, if blocked pharmacologically, could potentially prevent seizure development but more research into these leads is needed before a preventative treatment becomes available," she added.

Her comments came after a report published in Neurology, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology, found babies born prematurely were more likely to develop epilepsy in later life.

The research revealed people born between the 32nd and 34th weeks of pregnancy were twice as likely to be admitted to hospital with the condition as those born full-term.


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Epilepsy 'needs a cure'
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