Enamel erosion impacted by diet, claims professor

Cosmetic dentistry could be required by people who erode the enamel of their teeth too far.

Professor Robin Seymour, a periodontologist and spokesman for Dentyl Active, explained that enamel erosion is on the increase partly because of modern day eating and drinking habits.

He explained: "Acid, which is primarily found in soft drinks, sports drinks, juices, wine and acidic foods, can cause a chemical loss of minerals to the tooth enamel, causing it to erode.

"There is also evidence that diets rich in anti-oxidants and omega-3 oils may afford the gums, and the other tooth supporting structures, some degree of protection from bacterial plaque."

The comments follow research from the British Dental Health Foundation, which revealed that a nice smile topped the poll of the most important physical features when it comes to attraction between men and women.

Indeed, 56 per cent of respondents rated smiles as the most important features, followed by faces (53 per cent) and eyes (51 per cent).


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Enamel erosion impacted by diet, claims professor
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