Embarrassing bodies patient surgery postponed

19-year-old Malissa was once dubbed ‘Britain’s fattest teen’. 

Through comfort-eating, poor diet and lack of exercise, at the age of 16, she wore size 28 clothing and a 48EE bra.  Her weight reached 36 stone and her BMI (body mass index) was over 70. 

A healthy BMI should be 18.5 – 24.9.  A BMI over 50 is classed as 'super obese' and is a potentially life threatening state, with an extremely incresed risk of developing heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arthritis, asthma, sleep apnoea and several cancers.

Malissa suffered from asthma and wore oxygen mask to sleep at night.  Doctors warned Malissa that her weight was crushing her internal organs and eventually referred her for a gastric bypass, making her Britain’s youngest gastric bypass patient.

After losing a massive 23 stone in weight, Malissa was left with excess skin and turned to Embarrassing Fat Bodies for help.

Dr Christian Jessen referred her for cosmetic surgery to remove the excess skin at The Hospital Group, leading UK providers of cosmetic surgery.  Given the amount of skin to be removed, Dr Christian warned that it would be more than one procedure and that she’d need to really take care of herself before and after the operations.

Sadly when Malissa arrived at Dolan Park Hospital the Surgeons were unable to proceed.  Malissa had not managed to give up smoking and the amount of iron in her blood was very low, so the operation could not go ahead.

A spokesperson for The Hospital Group said “Although cancellations on the day of surgery are very disappointing for all concerned, we must always put patient welfare at the centre of our decisions.  A procedure of this nature to remove excess skin is really major surgery and patients must be fully fit before the procedure to prepare them for recovery.  Smoking in particular increases the risk of infection.  That combined with Malissa’s anaemia made it clearly inadvisable to operate on the day.”


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Embarrassing bodies patient surgery postponed
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