Elderly advised to do squats for balance

Elderly people living in care homes might want to think about doing squats to improve their sense of balance.

Alan Gordon, the UK's highest qualified personal trainer, said that squats are one of the most beneficial exercises available for older people due to the fact that they will help to strengthen the hip flexor muscles, the pelvic muscles, all of the legs and the lower back.

However, older people should be sure to check with their GP before they embark on any new form of exercise.

Strengthening the core muscles is also advisable before taking on a new routine because these muscles will protect the body.

Dr Gordon's advice follows research suggesting that older people with depression could benefit from taking some form of exercise.

Conducted by UCLA, the study found that depressed elderly adults who attended a weekly tai chi exercise class in addition to standard depression treatments, showed greater improvements in their levels of depression and their quality of life, memory cognition and energy levels than those who just attended the depression treatments.


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Elderly advised to do squats for balance
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