ECG test on sale to the public in UK

The world's first intelligent personal ECG (electrocardiogram) is now for sale to the public in the UK from Medick Healthcare.

The heart monitor uses neural network software to monitor rhythms in such close comparison that a person can see the difference between resting, smoking, exercise and caffeine.

Many of the leading physicians in the UK support the ECG offering, including the medical advisory board and leading cardiologists.

Professor and physician Brian Glenville said that the new system was similar enough to the professional devices to really impact the way people monitor their heart health.

"Anyone taking a report from this device to their GP can do so confident in the knowledge that it provides all of the key indicators a doctor would expect to see on an ECG," he said

The device took ten years for Medick to complete and the company hopes it will complement the current government programs aimed to promote healthy lifestyles for UK citizens.



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ECG test on sale to the public in UK
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