Driving errors 'more common among older people'

Older people are more prone to making errors while driving, it has been suggested.

Clare Simpson, communications executive for RoadSafe, said that age-related decline of both mental and physical abilities can make older motorists "more prone to making driving errors that can lead to a crash".

However, she emphasised that driving errors were the problem, adding: "Research released earlier this year by the Institute of Advanced Motorists shows drivers over the age of 70 are no more likely to cause crashes than any other motorists and they are considerably safer than younger drivers."

The comments follow research from the University of Rochester, which revealed that older drivers may not easily see other cars, pedestrians or cyclists moving towards them because their awareness of the backdrop against which these objects move is heightened.

This runs against the popular belief that it is a reduced ability to perceive moving objects that impairs older people's vision while driving.

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Driving errors 'more common among older people'
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