Dramatic weight-loss 'can affect fertility'

Obese women who are undergoing infertility treatment have been warned not to commit to dramatic weight-loss at the same time.

A report from Professor Richard Legro of the Pennsylvannia State University College of Medicine has found that dramatic weight-loss can have inverse affects on infertility treatment.

Professor Legro said that the stress put on the reproductive system during weight-loss can lead to complications in a woman who is having difficulty conceiving.

Both women who are trying to conceive naturally and those receiving assistance could see their chances adversely affected, but the risk is greater for those with initial difficulties.

Statistically, obese women have a lower chance of conceiving and this chance will decrease further with age.

According to Professor Legro, for every one unit of Body Mass Index over 29, a woman's chances of conceiving will fall by four per cent.

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Dramatic weight-loss 'can affect fertility'
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