Doctor gives advice on tummy-tucks

Tummy-tucks are a popular form of plastic surgery that can define and shape loose skin around the belly button.

Dr Mark Deutsch, cosmetic surgeon, explains that surgery will only achieve the desired results if the patient is close to their ideal weight.

He also prefers to operate on people who do not smoke, since they are healthier candidates for surgery.

During the operation, the doctor makes an incision in the abdominal area and tightens the muscles around the entry point.

For a mini abdominoplasty, "the incision can be kept low near the pubic area, but extending it slightly longer and including an incision around the umbilicus means I can tighten the muscles both above and below this area", Dr Deutsch said.

Patients who have only a layer of excess fat might be more suited to liposuction surgery, Dr Deutsch explains.

Anyone who is considering having a baby in the next few years might want to steer clear of surgery until six months after the birth, he said.

Dr Deutsch has been practising cosmetic surgery for ten years and attended South Florida Medical School and is a member of several plastic surgery associations in the US.


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Doctor gives advice on tummy-tucks
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