Discovery could lead to new erectile dysfunction treatments

New treatments for premature ejaculation could be developed thanks to a discovery by researchers in Finland.

It was revealed that erectile dysfunction is linked to genetic factors in addition to psychological elements such as drinking alcohol, nervousness or peer pressure.

Previous findings from scientists in The Netherlands had linked premature ejaculation to a gene that helps regulate serotonin, although the latest research independently confirms a genetic link to premature ejaculation in a much larger group of men.

It is hoped that the latest research could pave the way for new erectile dysfunction and impotence treatments, which could benefit large numbers of men.

While drug treatments may be one option, study reviewers have suggested that psychotherapy will continue to serve as "a valuable and useful form of treatment for sexual dysfunctions - even those with a genetic cause".

A handful of cases of erectile dysfunction among middle-aged men are down to diabetes, although there are many different reasons why premature ejaculation may occur.


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Discovery could lead to new erectile dysfunction treatments
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