Dieting tips for your success in 2011

  1. To be a successful dieter you need to be in the right frame of mind.  Take this weight loss readiness test to see if this is a good time for you to start.
  2. Be positive.  Your attitude is key to your success.  Losing weight is tough but it’s not impossible.
  3. Be honest.  If you say to yourself “I hardly eat anything” and you are more than a stone overweight you need to examine your food intake carefully.  You can only tackle a problem if you admit to it in the first place. You may be one of the unlucky ones whose genes are stacked against them but remember genes are not destiny.
  4. Make a pact with yourself to give your diet you full attention for four weeks and then review your progress.  Dieting is not something that can be “done on the side”.  It needs your fullest attention.  Awareness is vital. 
  5. If you live with others you need to enlist their help.  Family and friends need to be supportive.  Use the Weight to Go Facebook page to make friends.  If you don’t want to tell the people you live with that you are dieting for fear that they will sabotage your efforts or laugh at you, you really should question why you are with them.
  6. Choose a diet that will ensure your success.  Fad diets are doomed to fail.  They are unsustainable.  The Weight to Go diet ( has been carefully worked out to give you great tasting food packed full of healthy ingredients so you can lose weight whilst enjoying all the fabulous flavours of your favourite dishes.  It’s a perfect diet for people with busy lives and at 850 calories per day you will start to see benefits quickly so you will feel motivated to continue.
  7. Plan.  Plan.  Plan.  Plan your diary for January.  Plan your weekends.  Plan your daily eating structure according to where you will be and what you are doing.  Plan your physical activity.  If you can, keep a record of your progress.  Record keeping shows commitment.
  8. Be physically active.  Start with walking.  It’s a much underrated weight loss activity.  All you need is a pair of comfortable walking shoes/trainers.  Build up from ten to twenty minutes a day to a brisk one hour walk.  “I haven’t got time” I hear some cry.  Then you must make time.   Barack Obhama does and I suspect he has a lot on his plate too!
  9. Be realistic.  If you have only one stone to lose, you can do that by the end of January on the Weight to Go diet (  If you have ten stones to lose you are going to need at least one year to shift all your weight.  Have that time frame in your head.  Visualise how much weight you will have lost by the time summer holidays come around.
  10. Finally, if you have struggled year after year to lose weight on a diet, it may be time to look at alternative weight loss solutions.  Don’t dismiss weight loss surgery without investigating all the options.   It is a remarkably safe and effective solution for weight problems and is by no means an easy option.  One of the most distressing myths for me is the media expectation that everyone should be able to lose weight “naturally”.  As an obesity expert with over 25 years experience I know this is not the case.  Whichever method you choose, I wish you weight loss success in 2011.
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Dieting tips for your success in 2011
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