Dietician: Console obesity treatment not affordable

Using a computer console as part of obesity treatment is not currently affordable for everybody, but will be important in the future, according to a medical professional.

Lyndel Costain, a guest dietician at Weight Loss Resources, said that it will benefit overweight people to use physical activity consoles such as the Wii Fit, but the price will stop it being an accessible activity for everyone.

She also noted that people with mobility problems will have difficulty using the console.

This week, Nintendo UK announced it is backing a government campaign called Change4Life with the launch of the Wii Fit Plus.

Ms Costain said: "This is a positive step forward, especially if the Department of Health assesses and endorses other forms of exercise equipment in a similar way."

It is important that people realise that doing healthy activity such as this is only part of the solution to obesity and weight management - they must also have a balanced diet, she added.

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Dietician: Console obesity treatment not affordable
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