Diagnosing Alzheimer's early could ease treatment

The treatment and management of Alzheimer's could be made simpler with early diagnosis.

This is according to recent comments from Professor June Andrews, the director of the Dementia Services Development Centre at the University of Stirling.

Professor Andrews said that there is still a "great deal that needs to be done" in terms of improving treatment.

She added: "More than half of people with dementia don't have a diagnosis and you can't access any treatment or support unless you know that your problems stem from that disease."

The comments come after research from Alzheimer's Research UK found that researchers could identify people in the earliest stages of the disease by using advances in positron emission tomography scanning.

Professor Andrews added that early testing is the only way in which health professionals will be able to "work out what treatments or lifestyle changes will make a difference" to their patients.



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Diagnosing Alzheimer's early could ease treatment
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