Determined IVF couple finally celebrate birth

A couple from Essex, who have been undergoing IVF treatment since 2000, have finally celebrated the birth of a baby girl.

Evie was born after Sarah and Darren Francis had eight rounds of the infertility treatment.

A specialist Harley Street clinic diagnosed Ms Francis with a rare condition that was causing her immune system to attack the unborn children from previous attempts.

Despite being told that it was almost impossible for her to carry a child, they finally got the call that the treatment was a success after the eighth round.

Ms Francis told the Daily Mail about the moment they learnt that she was pregnant: "Suddenly in the middle of the street the phone rang. We both looked at each other. I answered, expecting the worst and the clinician on the other end said 'It's positive.'

"I can't describe the emotion that welled up inside me. We didn't say anything to each other. We walked back to the car in silence and both just burst into tears."


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Determined IVF couple finally celebrate birth
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