Dermatologists claim GPs prescribe wrong skin creams

Patients could benefit from seeing a dermatologist as too many GPs are prescribing substances which could aggravate certain skin conditions.

A survey by the makers of Dexeryl cream has revealed that GPs are prescribing aqueous cream for conditions such as eczema, despite it being a known irritant.

Almost nine out of ten (88 per cent) prescribed the cream which often irritates the skin as it contains sodium lauryl sulphate which can aggravate delicate skin.

Dr Anthony Bewley, a consultant dermatologist at Whipps Cross and Barts Hospital in London, commented: "Aqueous cream is known to be a very poor emollient and may even make some patient's eczema worse. There are much better alternative products to aqueous cream, especially those which do not contain sodium lauryl sulphate."

Margaret Cox, the chief executive of the National Eczema Society, said that she was "shocked and disappointed" that people are being advised to use such irritating substances on delicate skin.

Between 22 and 33 per cent of people in the UK have skin conditions which could be improved with medical care.

By using a non-aggressive treatment cream, many people's unnecessary skin conditions could be significantly improved.


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Dermatologists claim GPs prescribe wrong skin creams
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