Dentists discover gel that could help decayed teeth grow back

Those who have neglected their teeth could be given the perfect solution to a brighter, whiter smile after scientists discovered a gel that can help decayed teeth grow back.

The gel is being developed by scientists in France who claim it works by prompting cells in teeth to start multiplying; they then form healthy new tooth tissues that gradually replace what has been lost to decay.

Researchers say lab studies showed teeth were restored back to their original, healthy  state after just four weeks of treatment. The miraculous results are all thanks to the melanocyte-stimulating hormone, commonly known as MSH.

MSH is already known to play an important part in determining skin colour - the more you have, the darker your flesh tone, but recent studies suggest MSH may also play a crucial role in stimulating bone regeneration.

Professor Damien Walmsley, the British Dental Association's scientific adviser, said the gel could be an interesting new development, but stressed it is unlikely to be able to repair teeth that have been extensively damaged by decay.

He said: "There are a lot of exciting developments in this field, of which this is one. It looks promising, but we will have to wait for the results to come back from clinical trials and its use will be restricted to treating small areas of dental decay."

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Dentists discover gel that could help decayed teeth grow back
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