Dental visits considered a luxury

Simplyhealth's annual dental survey 2011 shows that many could be risking their dental health with over a quarter of the population viewing visits to the dentist as a luxury.

The survey of 10,000 UK adults has found that men are the worst offenders with over a third considering dentist appointments not essential. Yet almost 19% stubbornly believe they can take care of their teeth themselves. 43% of women say dentist visits are too expensive compared to 35% of men.

James Glover from Simplyhealth says: "It is surprising that so many people see visiting the dentist as a luxury. We are not talking about a holiday, or a new car, but protecting your dental health, which is an everyday health need."

Younger people place far less importance on their dental health, with almost a 31% of 18-24 year olds saying visiting the dentist is a luxury, not an everyday need. This may be why only half have seen a dentist in the last year. In contrast 23% of over 55s see the dentist as a luxury, but 71% have seen the dentist in the last year.

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Dental visits considered a luxury
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