Dental implants 'can be completed in a day'

Cosmetic dentistry experts can complete dental implant treatments in a single day.

This is according to Dr Brookshaw, the resident dentist at St Ann's Dental Clinic in central Manchester.

Dr Brookshaw explained that it is usual to spread implant treatments over two or more visits.

However, some patients "complete their treatment in a single day".

Keyhole surgery is used by Dr Brookshaw when fitting implants as a way of reducing the healing time of the procedure.

This method is also "less invasive", the dentist explained, adding that cosmetic dentistry treatments can improve a patient's quality of life dramatically by allowing them to enjoy the simple things in life, "such as eating without the worry of their dentures moving and without fiddly cleaning routines".

According to the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, more women are likely to have had treatments than men, while people living in London are still the most likely to have undergone cosmetic dentistry procedures. 



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Dental implants 'can be completed in a day'
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