Denplan stresses importance of tooth fairy

The tooth fairy is not as generous as she once was, according to new research which suggests children may have less incentive to take care of their milk teeth.

A study by Denplan a provider of dental payment plans, found that a third of parents think the tooth fairy will be leaving up to ten per cent less money under children's pillows this year as a result of families needing to tighten their belts.

This means that children will collectively receive £1 million less in rewards for milk teeth this year.

Steve Gates, managing director of Denplan, commented: "The tooth fairy is an age-old tradition that aims to reward children for taking good care of their milk teeth.

"It would be a shame to discourage such good practice; perhaps parents could consider an alternative reward that would encourage their child to continue their excellent oral healthcare habits."

The research also revealed that children of single parents are most likely to suffer financially this year and that the tooth fairy does not visit 13 per cent of parents' homes at all.

Denplan was set up in 1986 and is the UK's leading dental payment plan specialist.

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Denplan stresses importance of tooth fairy
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