Denplan launches new quality programme

Dental insurer Denplan has developed a new quality programme specifically for the oral health needs of child patients.

The Excel Accreditation Programme for Children and Young People is a totally new concept within children’s dentistry in the UK.

The growing consensus that no child should ever experience dental decay and as such never needing a filling has led to the development of an innovative child dental programme. The programme radically changes the way we measure child dental health and gives dental staff, parents and the child a much better understanding of their oral health, well-being and risk.

The programme has been developed with the advice and assistance of Professor Raman Bedi, former Chief Dental Officer for England and currently the Director of the Global Child Dental Health taskforce at King’s College London who has been pioneering the need to better understand child oral health and to ensure that children should leave school without any dental cavities.  It has been designed to be simple and easy to use in general practice – acting as a support to dentists’ current activities.

Recognising that children have different oral health needs from adult patients and drawing from latest research in the field, this new programme aims to redefine children’s oral health care, by offering support and guidance to dentists on the best approach to children’s dental care and also to influence parents in choosing the best dental care for their children.

The Denplan Excel Accreditation Programme for Children and Young People will consist of a number of unique elements including The Oral Health Score for Children and Young People and The Oral Wellbeing.

The Oral Health Score for Children and Young People will measure components such as active caries, oral cleanliness and erosion.  It will enable the dentist to provide a personalised treatment plan for each child based more widely than on active caries alone and will allow both children and parents to more accurately monitor the changes in their oral health over time.

The Oral Wellbeing Score is made up of four components measuring dental anxiety/behaviour, oral health quality, perception of oral health and perception of self-risk to dental health.  This score will provide the dentist with a comprehensive analysis and monitoring tool for their child patients and provide the clearest ever indication, for both parent and children, of the state of their dental care.

Dr Roger Matthews, chief dental officer, Denplan says: “It is vitally important that we work towards improving the oral health of children.”


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