Customers compare prices of international health insurance

Individuals and companies with international private healthcare policies are looking to reduce their costs by comparing policies on the market. Private healthcare is not seen as a luxury for many ex-pats working overseas, but a necessity.

According to an online poll conducted by MediCare International, more than one in two visitors to the site since December 2008, who were currently insured, were looking for cheaper cover.

A large number of MediCare International's individual policies are taken out by UK expatriates living on their savings and pensions in various parts of the world. Many individuals want to ensure they retain great healthcare policies, but are looking to make savings where they can and ensure they are not wasting any money on unnecessarily high premiums.

David Pryor of MediCare says, "It is clear that expatriate healthcare customers are looking to find the most competitive rates on the market today. We have reacted to this new reality, and groups as small as 3 can now take advantage of our healthcare insurance and secure significant premium discounts. This allows three IT contractors working together on a year-long project in Hong Kong to take out healthcare insurance together, giving considerable savings to the individuals but allowing them the same benefits as an individual policy.

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Customers compare prices of international health insurance
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