Criticism of women drinking during pregnancy

The increase in the number of babies being born with learning difficulties in the past few years has been partly attributed to the drinking habits of young women.

New government statistics show that there has been a 25 per cent in babies being born with learning problems over the last five years alone.

One in every 100 babies being born in the UK is now affected by foetal alcohol syndrome and is therefore likely to exhibit attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity or poor levels of co-ordination, the figures suggested.

Speaking at a summit of the Royal College of Nursing, government health advisor Professor Barry Carpenter said that this trend can partly be explained by the fact that many young women don't know initially that they are expecting and therefore carry on binge-drinking during the vital first few months of a pregnancy.

"Drunken young women are poisoning their babies – it is child abuse by umbilical cord," he said.

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Criticism of women drinking during pregnancy
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