It has been suggested that people tend not to stick to their diet and exercise regimes during the summer months.

A survey conducted by Yakult revealed that this year has been particularly detrimental to British waistlines, as 14 per cent of people questioned admitted to consuming more food and drink than normal due to the World Cup.

However, general summer habits were also found to have an influence over what people ate and how often they took exercise.

A total of 61 per cent of people claimed that they tended to eat more at a barbeque than at a normal meal, while 22 per cent said that it had been too hot to exercise this summer.

Dr Christian Jessen commented: "No one wakes up fat – I think that's an important message – you gradually get fatter."

He explained: "We all go out on our birthday, we have a huge meal, we overdo it a little bit - that's absolutely fine, but when it becomes a regular thing, that's when it becomes a problem."

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