Private maternity services could help women to get through the pre-baby blues that can sometimes strike before the birth of their child.

According to research recently published in BioMed Central's open access journal BMC Public Health, a lack of support from a partner is the strongest cause of maternal emotional distress.

It is important to deal with this stress because anxiety and depression during pregnancy are known to result in a premature birth or low birth weight.

The research looked at almost 50,000 mums-to-be and assessed how they felt about their work, family or partner and looked at their health and relationship to alcohol and smoking.

From this data, the scientists confirmed that the amount of support women received from their partners had the strongest link with their mental health.

Gun-Mette Rosand from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health commented: "Failure to recognise and treat emotional distress during pregnancy stores up problems for both mother and child, and impacts continuing family welfare.

"It is important that antenatal courses should include relationship classes and that close attention should be paid to women who lack the support of a good relationship."



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Could private maternity services help with pre-baby blues?
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