Private doctors might be an option for people with psoriasis as research has shown that most GPs do not have the time to treat the condition.

Indeed, recent research has found that 94 per cent of GPs do not have sufficient time to ask sufferers about the impact the condition is having on their life.

Dr Linda Papadopoulos, psychologist and academic author, said that there are a number of mental problems associated with the condition.

"You feel a sense of helplessness; your body is doing something and you can't control it," she remarked.

"Lack of control is a big thing with any illness, but when it comes to conditions that everyone can see, that requires a whole new set of skills psychologically."

Dr Papadopoulos added that up until recently many GPs were not trained in dermatology.

As such, they have often tended to minimise somebody's experience of the conditions, telling patients that psoriasis is "not going to kill you, it's nothing". 


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Could private doctors have more time for psoriasis sufferers?
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