Women who overeat while pregnant could risk becoming overweight and find themselves in need of obesity treatment.

'Eating for two' while carrying a child could quadruple a woman's chances of becoming overweight decades after their child is born, a recent study has suggested.

Presented at the International Congress of Obesity in Stockholm, the research added that an increased risk of developing diabetes and heart disease could come with the weight gain.

Yvonne Bishop-Weston, nutritionist and fertility expert at Foods for Life and First Response spokesperson, commented: "Eating for two is a myth - your body is really craving nutrients not doughnuts!

"Cravings are just crisis management - the body is releasing hormones in desperation to urge you to provide more raw materials to make a baby."

She added that eating nutrient-dense food rather than calorie-dense nutrient depleted food would help the pregnancy go "much more smoothly".


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Could obesity follow overeating during pregnancy?
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