People looking to lose some weight in preparation for obesity treatment might want to consider introducing more low GI (glycemic index) foods into their diet.

According to Dr Carina Norris RNutr, a nutrition consultant, these foods tend to be more sustaining and will help people feel fuller for longer.

Those with a good mixture of protein, good fats and fibre will be the most sustaining, the nutritionist noted.

She added: "[Low GI foods] cause a slower, more sustained increase in your blood sugar level and therefore keep you sustained for longer."

The comments come after research conducted by Purdue University found that eating fewer regular-sized meals with higher amounts of lean protein is a good way to feel full, rather than eating the same food in smaller portions but more often.

Dr Norris added that there is also a psychological aspect to feeling full and things that take a long time to eat will help satisfy this.

"It sustains you more in the boredom sense, than the physiological and keeping your stomach full sense," she explained.



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Could low GI food help prepare for obesity treatment?
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