It has been suggested that men are coming under increasing pressure concerning their appearances.

Peter Baker, chief executive of Men's Health Forum, said: "We can see that there is increasing anxiety about body image among men, particularly younger men."

His comment follows a study from Man MOT published earlier this month.

The research revealed that 32 per cent of men claim that weight gain has affected their confidence in the bedroom.

A further 15 per cent said that low self-esteem regarding their appearance was impacting on their performance.

Mr Baker noted that there could be a knock-on effect on men's mental health.

"There is also evidence [to suggest] that more men are affected by eating disorders and that a growing number of men suffer from body dysmorphia," he said.

"They aren't really aware of the size and shape of their body and feel distressed, feel that they are not masculine enough and often end up exercising almost obsessively to try and gain an ideal body shape."

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