Cosmetic surgery 'should be well thought out'

People who are thinking about a cosmetic surgery procedure have been advised not to rush into anything.

Alice Hart-Davis, a beauty and health expert, said that many people are keen to make a change to their appearance in the New Year.

However, she urged people to remember that cosmetic surgery "is not a process to undertake in haste".

Indeed, it is "vital" to have multiple consultations with different surgeons to ascertain who you feel most comfortable with.

Ms Hard-Davis added: "It may change your outline, but it is not going to change your personality, or your life.

"Unlike non-surgical aesthetic procedures, which are usually temporary, whatever the results of your surgery, they will be permanent."

The comments follow research published by Superdrug, which revealed that a third of women over 40 believe that they need surgery to improve their appearance.

Tummy tucks and facelifts were two of the most common procedures which women were willing to commit to.



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Cosmetic surgery 'should be well thought out'
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