Cosmetic Surgery documentary features Hospital Group

cosmetic surgery company has provided two youngsters with words of wisdom regarding their aspiration to undergo breast surgery.

The Hospital Group was featured in the BBC3 television programme 'Boob Job: My Big Decision', with the teenagers given the opportunity to quiz consultant surgeon Mr Sulaiman and a patient who had recently undertaken the procedure.

After also witnessing first-hand a breast augmentation operation, the two girls came to the conclusion that surgery was not the best option for them at that stage in their lives.

David Ross, chief executive of The Hospital Group, commented: "We were delighted to take part in 'Boob Job: My Big Decision'. The Hospital Group is a responsible surgery provider and we are proud of our values.

"We have an extensive consultation process prior to surgery to discuss the realities of surgery with our patient - including what outcome they should expect as a result of the surgery as well as the recovery implications and the risks.

Being involved in informing and challenging these two young girls' thinking was very worthwhile.

The documentary followed 13-year-old Kianna and 17-year-old Katrina, on a journey to discover what having a boob job could mean to them and the long-term implications.


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Cosmetic Surgery documentary features Hospital Group
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