Cosmetic surgery could get rid of migraines

Cosmetic surgery could be the answer to get rid of debilitating migraines, a new survey has revealed.

Research due to be published in the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery journal has revealed that a forehead-lift could alleviate migraine symptoms.

It is thought that an individual's trigeminal nerve branches trigger migraines when they are aggravated.

Removal of these muscles during a cosmetic surgery procedure could serve to eradicate the cause of the migraine, the study suggests.

ASPS member surgeon and study author Bahman Guyuron, professor and chairman, department of plastic surgery, University Hospitals Case Medical Center, explained the findings.

He commented: "Nearly one out of four households, including 18 per cent of women, suffer from migraines and many patients are not only eager, but desperate to stop the pain.

"In this study, we've shown that surgical treatment of migraine headaches is safe, effective, and that this reasonably short operation can have a colossal impact on the patients' quality of life - all while eliminating signs of aging for some patients, too."

Some 75 per cent of adult migraine sufferers are women, although the number of pre-pubescent girls and boys with migraines is equal.

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Cosmetic surgery could get rid of migraines
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