Cosmetic surgery branches into eyebrows

The latest cosmetic surgery craze to take hold is likely to be the eyebrow transplant, which is reportedly becoming popular among consumers.

Eyebrows are probably the part of a woman's face that receives the most attention, with many females spending time in front of the mirror almost every single day, tweezing out stray hairs and reducing their brows to near-oblivion.

However, cosmetic surgery is now coming to the rescue, as surgeons are able to transplant hairs onto light or nonexistent brows in order to create the perfect shape.

According to a report on, patients who opt for cosmetic surgery on their eyebrows are given a general anaesthetic before a strip of their scalp is removed from the back of their head.

Hairs are then taken from the strip of skin and implanted one at a time into millimetre-sized holes which are made along the eyebrow area.

Although the hairs will be placed in the desired positions, they will still grow like regular head hair, and will therefore need regular trimming.

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Cosmetic surgery branches into eyebrows
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