Cosmetic surgeons create 'internal bra'

Cosmetic surgery experts have developed a new treatment that permanently lifts and shapes the breasts.

The internal bra consists of fine straps that are attached to the upper rib, providing support for a silicone cup that is inserted 1cm below the skin to hold the breasts in position, the Daily Mail reveals.

Its inventors claim that the device should allow women to achieve all the benefits of a bra, but without actually having to wear one.

According to the news provider, the first woman to receive an internal bra underwent successful surgery three weeks ago, which lasted for just 40 minutes and was performed via small incisions.

Eyal Gur, the Israeli cosmetic surgeon who invented the 'Cup & Up' bra, told the Daily Mail: "This might not quite be the end of the normal bra, but we've shown that with a very small operation that it's possible to give a woman an internal bra that she can have for the rest of her life."

The procedure is also more convenient for patients, who do not even require an overnight stay in hospital.

According to researchers at Debenhams, the average bra size in Liverpool is 34E, while Birmingham women typically wear a 34A.


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Cosmetic surgeons create 'internal bra'
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