Cosmetic surgeon reveals ease of breast implant replacement

A US cosmetic surgeon has explained just how easy it is to replace saline breast implants with silicone gel versions - a move that many cosmetic surgery patients are now making.

According to Dr Allan Parungao, a Chicago-based cosmetic surgeon, the replacement procedure is nowhere near as complex as the original operation.

The surgeon revealed that patients can have their saline breast implants replaced in just 45 minutes under a local anaesthetic and many return to work the very next day.

Furthermore, the procedure is less costly than the original operation.

"Silicone gel implants feel more like natural breast tissue than saline implants do," the expert explained.

"Especially for women with relatively little natural breast tissue, silicone gel implants can give much more natural-looking breast enhancement."

Dr Parungao noted that saline implants often cause a 'rippling' appearance around the edges, leading many to upgrade their implants.

"Fortunately this is a quick and easy procedure, as a 'pocket' has already been created in the breasts to accommodate the implants," he explained.

A number of UK private cosmetic surgery companies offer breast enlargement surgery, including the Harley Medical Group, Mybreast and Make Yourself Amazing.

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Cosmetic surgeon reveals ease of breast implant replacement
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